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Dean A. Williams, Attorney at Law, is a law office with over 30 years of legal  experience. This firm is at  the forefront of this quickly changing area of law  and  works closely with my clients because it is fully committed to meeting and exceeding expectations. The firm also believes in keeping our services affordable to our clients. We can set up payment arrangements which will allow you to make monthly payments toward your case. And we always provide a time report demonstrating what work has been done to complete your case.

Estamos orgullosos del trabajo que hacemos para nuestros clients inmigrantes. Los miembros de nuestro personal hablan su idioma.  Vamos a trabajar duro para ganar su caso

Planning on Marriage to US Citizen?

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What Really Matters

DEAN A. WILLIAMS, P.C. is a law firm dedicated to helping immigrants be granted Greencard status and US citizenship. My firm focuses on Immigration benefits and defense of removal:


1. Marriage and Family Visas 

2. Criminal defense 


4. WAIVERS  for Overstay, Crimes and Misrepresentations

5. Battered Spouse and U Visas for Victims of Crime

6. All defenses to Removal, including Cancellation of Removal Greencard benefits for those who qualify  . 


The most important thing is to reach your goals

At my firm I understand the importance of communicating with you regarding the case and explaining the immigration law in a way you can understand

Many of the decisions which must be made in connection with your immigration case are not easy. Immigration law is complex and no one who does not focus his legal study on it can hope to correctly navigate through to a successful outcome.   

I am dedicated to helping you get your immigration benefits due under the law


Would you like a worry free future?

Unless you take steps needed to become legally present in the United States your family's future is uncertain. Immigration and Customs Enforcement ( ICE) is aggressively expanding their efforts to locate and removal all persons illegally in the United States, or those who have been convicted of any crime, including, now, even DUI or NO LICENSE offenses.  DON'T RISK DEPORTATION!